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Recent Updates


The Eco Committee are encouraging everybody this term to: -

  • Bring packed lunch items in reusable packaging and not those that are just thrown away eg polythene bags.
  • Try to include at least 2 items of fruit or vegetables in your child’s packed lunch.

We will be inspected for our platinum flag during this term (Summer 2016) and would like to thank the whole school for all their hard work over the year on Eco issues.

This is what is happening now: -

  • An ongoing litter project carried out by LKS2 involving community litter picks and well as those in our school grounds.
  • An ongoing project by UKS2 involving surveying packed lunch boxes.
  • A visit by Rosemary and Jeremy Dix, giving us an update on their recent trip to Lesotho and the reactions to the Lego ideas that we sent.